Happy to announce the release of a feature that enables Zactar to understand your banking transactions on a real-time basis.

In your journey to save more towards your goals, the main ingredient is keeping an eye on your expenses, in real-time. Imagine a friend who is always aware of how much you have already spent in a week, or month, and can use that information to personalise recommendations for you on how to go about your goals?

Man and dog paddleboarding
Always with you! Promise! :)

How Goblin works?

Whenever a user does a financial transaction, the bank sends an SMS/email to inform the user. If the user lets Zactar's Goblin get access to those emails, auto-tracking of expenses is all set to work!

The power about which emails / banks Goblin can read stays under your control 100% of the time. What is accessible is always on you: you create a filter for a bank(say "Example" bank), then set up auto-forwarding for emails with the filter to thegoblin@zactar.com. That's it, now whenever you do a transaction via your "Example" bank's debit/credit card and email is received by your Gmail account, the same gets forwarded to your own Goblin sitting in Zactar headquarters.

No, Goblin isn't a human, it is a software that automagically does accounting for you. No humans will be looking into your info, until and unless you give your permission to do the same. Privacy in such matter is of highest importance, and Zactar will always stand by it. We understand the importance of privacy, and you will always see Zactar in your side about it.

Why the name "Goblin"?

Well, from what we have read and seen, Goblins love talking and seeing money, it keeps them energetic! They will always keep an eye out on every penny they can look out for.

So.. erm, why not Goblin?

Goblin @ Zactar: Your personal 24 x 7 accountant

Set up Goblin for your Zactar account:

In case you're wondering how you can set up filter for a bank and forward those emails to Goblin, kindly follow the instructions here:

Set Gmail Filters and Auto-Forwarding to thegoblin@zactar.com.

PS: Please make sure the email linked with your Zactar account is verified! Else Goblin would ignore emails forwarded from your account, for privacy reasons.

Any questions, concerns, or feedbacks are welcome at harkirat@zactar.com!