No matter what you do, if the "why" is strong and clear, the journey will most likely be fuelled by passion. Lo-and-behold, same holds true about

One never knows where the journey of Zactar may lead to, hence I wanted to start this journal by documenting the "why" of Zactar. You see, this "why" holds power over how much intense, how much passionate, and what kind of determination will be shown into making personal finance simpler, accessible and empowering for a common person.

Introducing Zactar - Personal Finance with Power Mode ON

This "why" should be strong enough to guide you through turbulences, dilemmas and help you in making decisions in future. If you ever feel lost during the journey, this should hold you strong like an anchor.

Coming back to Zactar's "why", it is about encouraging and helping users maintain a healthy financial life. No, Zactar's end-goal is not to make you super rich, not like that. But the goal is to not let you touch rock-bottom because of poor management, and help you put a laser-focus on the goals you want to achieve.

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The search for "Why" | Photo by Andre Mouton / Unsplash

There are millions of experts world-wide working for the rich, helping them get richer. Zactar is very small to bring a path-breaking impact in there.

Then there are other experts who do consulting for finances of a common man, generally post the age of 30 or 35. This system is also serving the needs of their customers well I believe. If it is not, we will find out in future.

So the target segment that is on its own is the people who are < 30. This is the age group that starts earning, starts setting goals, and starts planning about saving for those goals. Some succeed, others postpone the goals, and sadly a few abandon those goals. The main problem here is a lack of proper planning and execution.

If the original planning included surprise expenses, saving the saved amounts in an FD, maintaining an emergency fund, and not directly jumping into the stock markets right when you started earning, who knows how well the original plan would have worked?

Other institutions and apps are there, but all known to me have a bias towards milking the customer. The currently available services want you to take loans, or to get involved in stock markets without thinking about your own financial status.

If a user has just started earning, his/her first priority should be to maintain an emergency fund, not trading in stocks. Many people in the 20-30 age group do not prioritise where their money should go, and they end up with plans that didn't "work" with helping them achieve the goals.

Hence, Zactar must step up the game and hand-hold the users in this age group towards better financial health. There will never be a pure selfish interest in suggestions by Zactar. It will never ask you to invest in mutual funds, until you have an emergency fund. It will push you to save for your monthly goal (eventually a long-term goal), if it seems like you are going to miss it. It will nudge you to save more for yourself with minimal risks, instead of bugging you with investing that amount in a high risk trade. It will grow with you, as per your needs and financial health, and dedicate it's life to fulfil your needs :)

This is the "why" of Zactar.

If you have any suggestions, comments, questions, or criticisms, please direct them at (Updated 28 Oct 2020: Earlier, it was my Zactar email). I will be happy to engage, ALWAYS.