This cleanup was long coming, and has been completed now.

I have been writing blogs, articles from 2010 onwards, but that blog was hosted on BlogSpot, and due to clutter there, I had eventually created another BlogSpot blog back then, as creating and keeping a blog online used to be free, and I didn't want to spend on hosting my own personal blog so far for various reasons.

I just recently started feeling that writing down your thoughts is a good thing: you get to reference your clarity of thoughts in past whenever needed.

Although, I MUST WARN you:

A few articles from old times would make you laugh only, but I kept them un-edited as that is how I used to be in the past. No matter what, that was also me, even if it is stupid :)

Now that this consolidation has happened, and it is 28 Oct 2020, I'm hoping to be regular at expressing my thoughts here soon.