Having got bitten by the entrepreneurship bug, I keep visiting and checking out many startups online. Many times, I found out that there are many startups which have a great potential, but they are yet to get media exposure! A startup's one of most critical needs are getting popularity. No matter how great your product is, if only a few people know about it, its going to be a real headache to let the common people know about it. Hence, a platform for startups is all that is needed! That started a storm inside my mind!

An awesome team was all that was needed. My old/gold friend Vaishali Sharma, a BMM graduate from Mumbai University became the first person to whom I talked about this, and there we got the Chief Editor and CEO for our very own platform for entrepreneurs, which we named Startoholics.in. Probably, the name signifies addiction with startups, that's what we assumed! Thus, we started our journey of writing inspiring startup stories primarily about Indian entrepreneurs on 28th June 2013. Website work followed by some inspiring stories about startups brought us to the race track. The thrill was yet to begin, and there we got Divya Nambiar, another BMM graduate with an awesome view of the world, on our ship as our COO (Chief Operating Officer) today. With the great team members we have, we're all set to go on a long trip of penning down inspiring stories of Indian startups and entrepreneurs, whether already explored or unexplored by media.

Indian platform for entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs and startups and their stories

I as always welcome your feedback about the website, as it matters to us! :)

The Awesomeness Begins Now! ;)

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